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Andreea Anca
AFP reporter

I worked and travelled with Lucy through Hungary and Slovakia taking photographs that accompanied her writings for The Budapest Sun and Bradt Travel Guides respectively. Lucy is a prolific writer with an impressive knowledge for cultures and languages in Eastern Europe and a keen sense for detail. Her inquisitive mind, her mild and pleasant manner and, not least, her great sense of humour made many long working hours more interesting and fun.
March 9, 2013

Zsófia Káplár
Counsellor, Supervisor in Private Practice, Guided Self-Help Worker at Health in Mind Scotland

Lucy is not only a great writer and photographer but also has a unique take on events and finds the best angle to the story.
February 14, 2013

Steve Fallon
Writer/editor at Freelance (Lonely Planet author)

Lucy is a superb multilingual photographer with a great sense of adventure and humour.
December 6, 2012

Jim Turnbull
CEO at Food Development Company Ltd

When we started to promote eco-tourism in the Tarnava Mare area of south-east Transylvania, it was not mentioned in any of the international guide books. Lucy wrote brilliantly about the area when she wrote the Bradt Guide to Transylvania and tourist numbers visiting have since increased. Lucy had captured the charm of the landscape, its people and culture and she portrayed that comprehensively.
November 23, 2012

Rudolf Abraham
Bradt Guide author, travel writer and photographer

I updated Lucy’s excellent Bradt guide to Transylvania in 2012, and found her a pleasure to work with, easygoing and knowledgeable.
November 20, 2012

Julia McNaught da Silva
Executive Director at ComuniCulturi

Lucy is a highly accomplished linguist, wth remarkable sensitivity and in-depth knowledge of associated cultures and regions. Her writing and imagery blend this perception with charm and humour.
November 13, 2012

Ildikó Dudás
Public Relations Manager at Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest

I was absolutely delighted to work with Lucy. You can always rely on her and she is a great professional.
November 13, 2012

Adrian Phillips
Managing Director at Bradt Travel Guides

I’ve worked with Lucy over many years, commissioning her as author, editor and copywriter. She’s written some wonderful guidebooks, and has always been professional, friendly and creative. I’d recommend her work highly.
November 12, 2012

Dan Marin
Independent Hospitality/Tourism Professional
Dan Marin Best Guide of the Year 2007
Wanderlust Magazine UK
Transylvanian Wolf Tours

We (my wife Luminita and myself) met Lucy Mallows for the first time back in August 2007. She was at that time doing her research work for a brand new travel guide on Transylvania. That’s no easy enterprise, as you have to get to the sort of places and people that can make a potential travellers experience unforgettable, within a very limited timeframe and budget.

What we realised very soon, was that Lucy was not only able to see what real values we had in our area (great mix of cultures, locals, extremely tasty and varied cuisine, ancient ways of farming, use of local wild plants in traditional cooking, medicine or even magic etc), but she got herself absolutely fascinated by all this. She managed to do that for every single corner of this wonderful part of Europe and the world that is Transylvania.

We could easily say that, through Lucy’s work, so many people from so many different countries came to see this place (with everything it has), understood it with the help of the locals and eventually fell in love with it. I have to add that locals needs were not forgotten either, as she decided to include notes about people/organisations involved in community work; I’m not sure whether you can find anything similar in any other work like Lucy’s.
November 11, 2012

Rob Luke
Horse racing writer, blogger and editor

Lucy is a very talented photojournalist and writer who has excellent command of the Hungarian language.
November 11, 2012

Paul Olchváry
Publisher, Translator, Book Reviewer

During the many years I spent living in Budapest, Hungary, I worked with Lucy Mallows in my capacity as the editor of an English-language news service and as a translator, and on that basis I can confirm that not only did she invariably exhibited a professional demeanor and keen intelligence in all aspects of her work, but her specific skills were also top-notch: her knowledge of Hungarian was outstanding, and she was a first-rate journalist. Beyond that, she is a pleasant person to work with. In short, I recommend her highly.
November 10, 2012

Julius Strauss
Grizzly Bear and Wilderness guide, Political and Conflict Advisor, Writer/Journalist

At the time I worked with her, Lucy was an excellent editor, a good communicator and a fun colleague. Easygoing with a great sense of humour, she was also fastidious in her approach to work and extremely conscientious.
November 10, 2012

Greg Spencer
Green urban mobility/communications expert at Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe

Lucy was a reporter and later a lifestyles/entertainment section editor during my time as news editor at the Budapest Sun.

Lucy was a terrific resource at the paper for her insight into local culture combined with her unmistakable perspective as a UK expat. She wrote thoughtful, witty articles that managed to inform and entertain, and her distinctive voice helped shape the newspaper’s own identity.

Our paper was lucky to have Lucy in its pages. She will be an asset to any publication she contributes to.
November 10, 2012

Krisztián R Hildebrand
Founder, MD at Perfectum Ltd

I worked with Lucy at Hungary’s then leading English language weekly newspaper, The Budapest Sun. Lucy was writing on culture and features. Although I am a native, she knew more about Hungary and our culture than myself.
She has an eye for details as well as the bigger context.
Lucy is also a master of languages with a close-to-native command of Hungarian. Lucy has a passion for travelling and discovery, she has written several travel guides and fascinating travel stories which she illustrated with excellent photographs taken by herself.
Lucy was also a very good colleague, a real team player, the type who helps other colleagues with whatever they need help with.
March 25, 2014

Michael Sean Comerford
Writer, Former Assistant Managing Editor, Budapest Sun, Veteran U.S. journalist

Lucy Mallows is a tireless researcher, translator and the sort of writer that readers notice. In Budapest, I remember reading to the end of one of her travel pieces and then going back just to read the author’s name. Who is this woman, I asked. Even her photos have insight. She has an artist’s sensibility, an academic’s eye and is endlessly adaptable to the work at hand.
November 10, 2012

Moni Oyeyele DPI, NRPSI
English-Hungarian creative linguist

We worked together at The Budapest Sun, Hungary’s then best English-speaking weekly newspaper. Lucy was highly inspirational to me not only by her professionalism in writing and photographing, but also by her talent for languages. A polyglot who utilises her linguistic, visual and creative skills to give a high quality in anything she works on, Lucy is heartily recommended for any organisation that aspires to become even more successful – Lucy will definitely contribute to their success!
November 10, 2012