Writing » Editorial services

As a writer and editor with 26 years’ professional, publishing experience at an international level, I can offer clients first-class editorial services at highly competitive rates to any deadline.

I provide excellent proofreading, subbing, copy-editing and ghostwriting services.

I write PR copy for advertisements, marketing copy and eye-catching reports.
Given a 30-minute deadline, I can transform a document from rambling prose into a concise, yet fascinating and informative read.

I have a superb command of English grammar, spelling and syntax and can correct and improve copy swiftly and efficiently.

I write eye-catching headlines and snappy stand-firsts that leave the reader eager and excited to discover more.



I am a highly motivated, dynamic and conscientious administrator, and, as such, I am adept at prioritising, setting and achieving targets, budgeting and planning.

I am a team player with good social and diplomatic skills.

I have superb communication skills and extensive experience of working in many varied environments in a variety of languages and countries.

I have exceptional organisational and management experience.

I am a professional, reliable & flexible worker who can adapt swiftly to a new working environment and learn new house styles and computer programmes.

I have a highly professional attitude, yet I am calm and easy-going.

I have extensive experience of reporting & editing work at the highest level, under pressure, always to deadline, in busy newsrooms and at magazine editorial offices.

I am a creative thinker who can bring fresh ideas and ways of meeting new challenges.

I am highly experienced in people-management, using social skills, confidence & diplomacy to inspire co-workers.



I am a writer, editor & translator who can bring a fresh, professional attitude to your workplace 

I am the sole author of six guidebooks, contributor to 25+ guidebooks, author of 3,500+ articles published in the UK, Hungary, Belgium and the USA in daily & weekly newspapers and magazines.

I speak (write, read & understand) six foreign languages: Hungarian (fluent), Russian (fluent), French (advanced), Spanish (advanced), Slovak (good) and Czech (good).
I also have a good understanding of all Slavic languages (Polish, Serbian, Bulgarian etc).
I am learning Italian, Portuguese & Romanian.

I have 16 years’ practical & professional experience working in Europe (12 years in Budapest, four years in Brussels).
I used my fluent Hungarian & French language skills in my work environment, plus I have excellent communication & diplomatic skills.

I translate (HU, RU, FR, ES to EN mother tongue) legal documents, medical forms, technical journals, news, economic, political & cultural feature articles.
I have first-class English language and grammar skills and am experienced in proofreading, sub-editing and copyediting.