Don’t Pay Rent

About the book

Having waited in vain for a decade and a half for ever escalating property prices to come crashing down, I realised in my mid forties that I would have to take matters into my own hands to make my dream of home ownership come true.

What do you do when you’re aching to own your own home, but are caught in a deepening housing crisis? Well, you certainly don’t pay rent!

Here I relate my adventures with rent avoidance, specifically the van dwelling years and the ensuing battles with useless technicians, marauding hooligans, and Brighton & Hove City Council.

About the author

Originally a student of modern and classical languages, I overheard a snippet of conversation in a bar that so fascinated me that I changed tack: all of computing, I learnt, is based on ones and zeroes. My profession of choice became web developer. As a relaxing side hustle I practise complementary therapies: Reiki, Sekhem, and Indian head massage.

Favourite pastimes include playing my electronic drum kit, foraging on country walks, consuming oriental food and IPA, winning at table tennis, and admiring beautiful typography. I enjoy being hyperproductive, balanced with lazy mornings in bed reading with a giant mug of strong coffee.

Finding myself the wrong side of soaring property prices at the turn of the millennium, I spent years without paying rent. I would love to help others do the same.

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